Shimla – Manali – Rohtang – The First trip of my One-year-old baby – Part 1

Day 1: Kolkata – Delhi

As I already mentioned in the Travel Tips earlier, I kept each and every journey of the trip short. Since I am travelling from Kolkata, directly reaching Shimla was not economic. So, I broke the journey in half – Kolkata to Delhi and Delhi to Shimla. We took a flight from Kolkata to Delhi – since train travel will take more than a day and the kid might get irritated right at the beginning. Though we hoped to reach the capital quickly, unknown reasons delayed our flight for about two hours. The noon flight eventually started late afternoon and landed in the evening. Since the sun sets late in Delhi, there was still enough light for us to quickly check-in to the hotel and plan a fantastic dinner.

Tip while flying with a kid: Keep the feeding bottle ready. If the kid is fed at the time of take off and landing, disturbance will not occure in the ear.

We checked-in at FabHotel BMK Greater Kailash (Read Review). Both I and my wife took a quick shower and got ready for dinner at my favourite hotel in Delhi – Karim’s. The baby was sleeping throughout the flight – so he was fresh. We changed in clothes and he was also ready for his first step in the heart of Mughal Capital.

Karim requires no introduction. I was first introduced to this goldmine of Mughal ecstasy by my boss when I used work in the city. He not only guided me to the place but also suggested me the best items to taste. The Stew, Nihari and of course, my favourite Tandoori Raan. I cannot figure out how many times I revisited the place during my two-year stay in the capital for post-graduation.

We took an auto from the Hotel and reached the place right before our dinner. We were only two, so Tandoori Raan was not an option this time. We had mutton korma, Nahari and Tandoori Roti. I must appreciate the amazing flavour and softness of the Tandoori Roti of Karim’s –  I have never had a better roti than this. You can simply have the roti alone – it is so tasty and soft.

To my pleasure – nothing has changed there – the fabulous environment, the smell of kebabs and biriyani, entering the small courtyard of Karim’s instantly increase the appetite. After the lavish dinner, we went back to the hotel for an early sleep – We have a morning train to catch – the baby was asleep by the time we reached the hotel but he too was pleased having the delicious tandoori roti of Karim’s. We had made our mind of returning again.

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