Liebster Award – One more award for Me

Soon after the monsoon started to recede southwards and the cold air from the Himalaya started reaching our plains, awards started to pour on me. The first was from Chandrima, whose blog Travel Stories Untold (She Tells the stories, don’t worry) is one of my favourites. Her work is so fascinating that I have taken a lot of inspiration from her writing. A big Thank you Chandrime for considering me eligible for such a prestigious award.

Eight or maybe ten years back, I have never thought blogging can be something I would be doing. I was busy with my architecture and sketches and drawings were all that could express my mind. At that point, I didn’t feel I could be expressing myself through words also. It is already more than four months of blogging for me and now I have two awards under my belt and this – Liebster Award, which in German means favourite is a big surprise for me. My writing can have a fan – that’s crazy.

Now lets come to the point. As an awardee, I should follow certain rules. Those are;

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog – I did in the first paragraph.
  • Display the award on your blog – this can be done by adding it to your post or displaying it by using a “widget” – This post is all about that.
  • Provide 10 random things about yourself –
  1. I am a bong – famous for their craving for fish – but doesn’t know names of most of those and also not a big lover of fish except a few.
  2. My entire schooling was in ‘Bengali’. Its only after joining University, I started using English to write my papers and answer my juries.
  3. I hate cars – though I want to possess one, and love to walk, cycle & use public modes of transport
  4. I am afraid of snakes and have kept it a secret to all my friends and family
  5. One fine night (4 years back) I certainly quit alcohol & weeds and have not touched it since.
  6. I feel really uncomfortable when unknown people touch me, even if unintentionally and not so inappropriately- that’s why I avoid crowded buses – a very rare thing in our country.
  7. I love to play cricket and hate to watch it. Football (Soccer) & Tennis are something that can keep me awake all night
  8. I can spend my entire life on a lonely island if there is a good enough stock of Books.
  9. I am very poor in remembering things like – dates, incidents, dialogues & most importantly – what I went shopping for.
  10. I hate talking over the phone – its best to give a visit to the person and have a talk where you can see the expressions.

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  • Nominate 5 or more blogs that you feel deserve the award.

I like all who I follow and from a list so long shortlisting five is very tough – I would nominate five budding bloggers whose work I really like – by this I would like to motivate them to keep up the good work.

!!! Many Congratulations to all of you !!!

  • List these rules in your post – well its done, isn’t it?

Now comes the most interesting part – Chandrima asked me two questions;

  1. Which is your favourite destination and why?

It’s Darjeeling – Yes it might not be the most popular among most – but for me, it’s extremely special. This was the first hill town I have ever been to. As a kid, I was totally amazed seeing the mighty Himalayas from so close. The curly roads, tall pines and crazy clouds have a special place in my mind. If I am asked to go to this place, I will never say no.

  1. If you could pack up and leave tomorrow, which country would you go to?

Madagascar – to say hi to King Julien :). Yeah. That’s one place I like to go since watching the first movie. The entire continent of Africa has so much to tell and Madagascar is one country that attracts me most.

Now it’s my turn to ask a few question to my Nominees;

  1. Which is your favourite cartoon character?
  2. If you are given a chance, which dead person would like to bring back?

Thanks in advance to all of you – looking forward to your posts.



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