Chicken-in-Sweet Potato – An experimental Dish

It was my wife’s birthday and like every year it was a leave for her because I was to prepare all the meals that day. It was her birthday; so I had to think of something unique. I was planning to prepare the breakfast with sweet potato but my obsession with non-veg ends me up adding chicken or fish to everything. So, I planned to prepare something with both sweet potato & chicken. Later I tried finding a similar dish on the internet but couldn’t find that – thus I can proudly claim myself to be the innovator of this dish.

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Chicken-in-Sweet Potato Recipe;

The idea came from the stuffed potato but I wanted to keep it simple without breaking the ingredients much. It was basically roasted chicken breast sandwiched between a half-cut baked sweet potato. I had no idea how the thing will finally taste but it was extremely tasty. I couldn’t resist myself from adding a little bit of cheese – because that was needed to hold the potato together – and she loves it.


Ingredients & Process:

For Sweet Potato:

  • Two medium-size Sweet Potato (About 2/3 inch diameter & 5/6 inch long)
  • A teaspoon of vegetable oil.

First of all- you need to wash the potatoes very well. You are going to eat the skin so clean it very well with water.

After setting the Oven to pre-heating. The potatoes should be punctured with a fork. In this you have to be ruthless to the potatoes – make as many as you can.

Brush the surface of the potatoes & Baking Tray with the oil. Once the Oven is heated send them for baking (180° C for 25 Minutes).

Now you can concentrate on your chicken.

For Chicken:

  • Half Chicken Breast (One side of the breast – I hope you understand)
  • A tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste
  • A pinch of Black Pepper
  • Another pinch of Salt

beat the breast to make it flat mix all other ingredients well with the chicken and keep it marinated for about half an hour. By the time your potatoes will be baked.

Once the Oven starts beeping, take the potatoes out and keep it for cooling. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a Pan. When the oil is ready, put the chicken breast for roasting. You will see golden brown colours appearing on the surface of the chicken – after a while, put the surface upside down and roast both sides of the chicken. When both sides of the chicken are golden brown in colour your chicken is also ready – you will find the size of the chicken reduced.

Final Preparation:

  • A cup of grated cheese – Mozzarella will be fine but I used Processed cheese cubes – it tastes better than the mozzarella.
  • Dry herbs – Use whatever you like but I used Oregano, Dill & Basil with a pinch of chilli flakes.

Again set your oven for pre-heating – a little more baking is to be done.

The potatoes must be cool by now – cut them longitudinally. Cut the roasted chicken breast into quarter-inch thick slices. Keep the length of the chicken close to that of the potatoes. You may cut it before roasting also but I prefer to cut after roasting – because it’s easier 😀

Free Search Engine SubmissionNow put the chicken pieces in between the pieces of potato. Put a few toothpicks on them so that they hold together. cover the potatoes with the grated cheese and sprinkle dry herbs on that. Use as much cheese & herbs as you like.

Once the oven is heated, put the potatoes for baking (180° C for 10 Minutes). At the end, the cheese must have brown spots on it and with the herbs it should give a heavenly appearance. Slice the whole Chicken-in-potatoes (this time sidewise) in 1 inch thick pieces and serve.


And trust me – it will taste delicious with amazing health benefits. It’s a perfect breakfast. Purdon me for not showing a lot of pictures – when I am busy cooking I forget to take pictures.

Happy Cooking !!!


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