Tuesday Photo Challenge – Delicious

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This week, Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge has a theme – Delicious. It is sure that an amazing collage will be formed with some of the amazing delicacies from around the world.

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Since it is winter and in this part of the world, jaggery is in plenty. In colloquial language, we call it ‘Gur’ and use it in everything. Gur is an extract from the trunk of Palm tree and is the sweetest thing one can have. The most amazing part of the sweetness is its flavour – when ‘Gur’ is prepared or boiled – you can feel it from distance. When I saw the topic – the first thing came to my mind – my favourite sweet dish and the most Delicious sweet you can have – ‘Gurer Rosogolla’ – (in simple terms – sweet cheeseballs made with jaggery) a typical Bengali sweet made from curd.

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