Quest for the Golden Fort – A Weekend Trip

The quest was finally over – I reached the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer. For all movie lovers from Bengal – this one fort is very special. It is not the legendary movie Sonar Kella that brought this fort to fame but a large part of the movie – ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’ (first movie for a majority of Bengali children) was shot here. I had finally reached the place but it was not over yet. I was in the heart of the desert and a camel ride was a must. The locals inside the fort also asked me to be there well before the sun sets because I can enjoy the sunset from there. I was little late so had to hurry.

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I quickly booked an Auto (These are three-wheelers but are much bigger than what we see in Kolkata or Delhi) in a condition that it will not stop en route to pick up others and I will pay extra for that. Rajesh (The guy driving it) was ready and he also assured me to bring me back at a little more charge. In fact, most autos taking the tourists have already left for the sand dunes – so it was a nice deal for him. He drove amazingly and covered the 50 kilometres distance in 45 minutes. (As per Rajesh, if something very unusual does not happen it takes more or less the same time). The Sun was scheduled to set at 6:35 pm and I reached Sam (the village where I could see the sand dunes and watch the sunset) at 6:10. The sun was already very close to the horizon. As soon as I got down from the auto I was greeted by camel owners who insisted me to ride on their camel. It was not a situation where you can inquire about the health or mental condition of the camel or its owner- you have to wildly select somebody. I was taken to the camel. I remember Feluda again – he taught us Bengalis how to ride a camel and how to balance when the camel stands up. Thank You Feluda – you saved me from falling down. Riding a camel is not easy – it jumps a lot and the jarks are not easy to absorb. Its back is narrow and that makes it even more tough to control yourself. For next 10 minutes (which I thought was half an hour), I had no thought of the sun or anything else on earth. I was busy holding the seat and two ropes attached to it.


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I later came to know, the name of my camel was ‘Dhoni’ – The captain cool. Thanks, Mr Dhoni you took me to the sand dunes in perfect shape with all bones intact. The sunset on the desert is unique – you can clearly see the sun till it reaches the horizon and the yellow sand wears a red cover which looks majestic. The sunset experience was truly remarkable which is going to stay with me forever. Inside me, I was feeling like a king who has conquered the whole world – all my wishes were fulfilled. It was soon dark and the vehicles started departing for the city. I gave myself some time and called Rajesh for a cup of tea at the small tea-stall. While coming to the dunes, I only had a glimpse of the Bada Bagh Cenotaph and its series of chhatris. I really wanted to go there but there was hardly any time to stop – this one place remained as a reason for me to come back.


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At around 7:15 we started our return journey which was uneventful and he dropped me at the railway station. From Jaisalmer, direct bus link till Jaipur is present but the last bus departs in the afternoon – so I had to rely on the train to reach Jodhpur. Reaching the station I found a train to depart for Jaipur at 11:55 pm and will reach Jaipur in 12 hours time. It was perfect for me as I have enough time to feed myself and get mobiles and cameras charged. I was lucky enough to get a last moment reservation which also gave me an upper berth where I can straighten my back. Once in Jaipur, reaching Delhi won’t be a problem so I can relax and rewind the amazing experience for last 3 days.

Day 1:

Arrival at Ajmer – Visit Pushkar – Visit Ajmer

pushkar ajmer


Day 2:

Arrival at Jodhpur – Visit Jodhpur


Day 3:

Arrival at Jaisalmer – Visit Jaisalmer (Part 1Part 2)

jai 1  jai 2


Day 4:

Return to Delhi


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