Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

This week’s challenge has prompted us to showcase something from our own place. For more than a decade, stay at Kolkata, India though I am actually born and brought up in a small town nearby. I have been almost all corners of the country but couldn’t find a better place than this. It is the cultural capital of the country and people here are surely the friendliest of all. Kolkata, to any of its visitor, offers a homely atmosphere, amazing Mughal and Bengali cuisine and a live exhibition of art and architecture scattered around. Though, in this opportunity, I would love to show something which no other Indian country has – Tram. Kolkata, for a very long time, had India’s only Metro Rail – which now is seen everywhere but tram remains a unique thing here.

It is a shame how our authorities have killed this mode of transport which is efficient & eco-friendly just to make way for the cars – definitely under pressure from the giant corporate groups. While the city once had a web of tram network, at present only a few routes are active and those too are being neglected by our policymakers. While in Kolkata, a tram ride is must – its nothing less than a joyride.




11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

  1. A very pertinent topic – trams. In the UK, as you probably well know, we once had fantastic tram systems. Now we just have fantastically horrendous traffic choke-ups, and cluttered suburban streets full of parked cars – 2 and 3 per house and nowhere to keep them all when they are not filling up the roads. Completely bonkers the switch from good (environmentally friendly) public transport systems – to self-serving polluting private car ownership.

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