Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

This week’s challenge has prompted us to showcase something from our own place. For more than a decade, stay at Kolkata, India though I am actually born and brought up in a small town nearby. I have been almost all corners of the country but couldn’t find a better place than this. It is the cultural capital of the country and people here are surely the friendliest of all. Kolkata, to any of its visitor, offers a homely atmosphere, amazing Mughal and Bengali cuisine and a live exhibition of art and architecture scattered around. Though, in this opportunity, I would love to show something which no other Indian country has – Tram. Kolkata, for a very long time, had India’s only Metro Rail – which now is seen everywhere but tram remains a unique thing here.

It is a shame how our authorities have killed this mode of transport which is efficient & eco-friendly just to make way for the cars – definitely under pressure from the giant corporate groups. While the city once had a web of tram network, at present only a few routes are active and those too are being neglected by our policymakers. While in Kolkata, a tram ride is must – its nothing less than a joyride.



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    A very pertinent topic – trams. In the UK, as you probably well know, we once had fantastic tram systems. Now we just have fantastically horrendous traffic choke-ups, and cluttered suburban streets full of parked cars – 2 and 3 per house and nowhere to keep them all when they are not filling up the roads. Completely bonkers the switch from good (environmentally friendly) public transport systems – to self-serving polluting private car ownership.

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  2. Local Feedback says:

    It is sad to know about the state of trams in Kolkata. Our authorities could learn from European cities where trams run so efficiently even in crowded old quarters of the towns!
    Good to see that you have traveled to quite a lot of places in India – also, the title of the blog is quite interesting!
    In an effort to make Railway Stations better, my website has collaborated with none other the Ministry of Indian Railways on a detailed survey. Your feedback will go a long way in helping us know what can be improved. The reviews will also be published online to ensure transparency.
    Would be great to know what you think of Railway stations in India – https://localfeedback.org/submit-a-review/ Since my website is rather new, do share with friends and other fellow travelers so we can get maximum responses for effective feedback!
    We are targeting at least 1,000,000 responses so that there is focused action. The survey has been designed in a manner that all qualitative design features of a Railway station get rated.
    Will go through other articles on your blog… plenty to read 🙂
    – Susmita from Local Feedback


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