9 Awesome Reasons why a Dhaba or a Tapri is much Better option than a Restaurant – Guest Post


The first Dhaba of the country dates back to the time of Sher Shah Suri – with the first highway of the country, the first Dhaba was born. Though it is not documented, Dhaba has been an integral part of our country for more than half a millennium. Tea and coffee, on the other hand, is largely a British import but initially, its use was restricted to the elites. It is only in the early 1920s when tea was commercialised and the entire population became addicted to it. The small tea-stalls, found on every road-corner of the country, soon became part of our map. Tapris- as the Mumbaikars have made these stalls famous – are surely the best place for social gathering here.

Are you one of those who fills uncomfortable in the strictness and etiquette filled fine dining restaurants? You are not alone. Many of us often don’t like the atmosphere of these dimly lit places with whispering sounds all around. When it comes to a Dhaba or a Tapri, a fine dining restaurant can have absolutely no competition. The charm of a Dhaba, the full of life atmosphere is the right place to fill the belly and return with a fresh mind.

Find out the 9 awesome reasons why you should always head to a Dhaba or a Tapri – and not a restaurant.



  1. Good read. Agreed. ☺

    I am relatively new to blogging. Love it when I come across blogs and posts like that of yours.
    Just 3 posts old here. I am working on a series of 5 and the 4th post is on the way here.Would be glad if you could drop by my blog.

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