Don’t ‘Paanish’ your Children – Save for them – #CuttingPaani

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It is true that human intervention in nature has caused it havoc and almost all natural resources, below-on-or-above the surface, under the threat of extinction. However, it cannot be denied that over past few decades, awareness towards environmental loss has also increased. The younger generation is more aware of the pollution, wastage and environmental degradation and that has also caused the government and private organisations to take measure. Let us take the example of Water.



Waterless or sensor controlled toilets can be seen everywhere. These have improved our water usage scenario by manifold. However, there are plenty of areas where wastage of water goes completely unnoticed. Just remember when you went to the restaurant last time – you must have been welcomed with a glass full of water. Now the tricky question is –

did you finish that water?

Well! you don’t remember –  because you didn’t buy it. Who cares for free items!

You will be surprised to know that hundreds of gallons of drinking water are wasted every day at homes, at restaurants, at offices. These are the residue water at the bottom of your glass. My friend Jugal came with a funny answer – he said those waters are throne in the drains which returns to the environment and that’s no wastage.

Are you one of those who agree with him?

Then you have a common misconception. Not all water is potable – in common words ‘Drinking Water’. A drop of water taken from nature goes through a series of purifications, treatment and when it finally reaches your glass – it has already cost some bulks and most importantly used a good amount of energy. Not all states, not all country has the luxury to produce enough pure drinking water for themselves. Always remember that – Everything that is offered for free actually does not come so.

Just like you ask for ‘cutting chai’ because you feel like not drinking a full cup of tea – ask for a #cuttingpaani. Be it a full glass or half – it cost you nothing but remember it is costing somebody – somebody who does not have enough drinking water. You may have heard about Cape Town’s Day Zero. Cape Town has always been not so – they brought it on themselves and it may come to you anytime. Even if you survive, you are not sure your son – or his son will not suffer. So, to save your future generation from this heavy ‘Paanishment’ – act now. Now is the time to ask for #CuttingPaani and save water them.

Join the noble Initiative by Livepure by signing on this Petition and force the office owners, restauranteurs and government authorities to take this issue seriously.

Like always, your sign will not end the problem – for that, you have to rise to the occasion you have to ask yourself –

Do I want to leave a waterless world for my son?

Your action will depend on your answer. You will have to ask yourself if you are going to ask for #cuttingpaani at home, at the office or at the restaurant.




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