11 ultimate tricks to be a traveller even with a corporate job – Guest Post

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Do you think your 9 to 5 job is killing the traveller inside you? It’s quite normal. This happens with most corporate sector employees. Too much stress and workload take all the energy away and you can’t even plan a trip. To add to this, you always worry about the uncertainty in the nature of your job which may completely jeopardise all the planning.

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I had been a solo traveller since my college days and utilised all my free time in travelling but when I landed in the corporate world, I became frustrated. Firstly, there was hardly any free time and whatever time I got, I was either too tired or busy doing long due works – there was no time for a travel. It took me some time to adjust to it but then my job itself became my source of travel. I slowly started using my corporate resources to plan and execute lovely trips and soon became a priority passenger for most domestic airlines. I was in an advantage because I am an architect who has to visit quite a few sites frequently and that became a gateway for me to visit places. Many of you don’t have that chance but most of you have outstation clients or consultants which can be a good excuse to combine your business and leisure.

I used these 11 ultimate hacks to the fullest and soon started travelling at least once a month if not more.



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