‘Cope up with your English and Fly to Abroad’ #DefinitelyPTE

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Have you felt something is wrong with the title of the article?

If yes! that’s great but you would be shocked to know that these are some of the major mistakes people do and fail to ‘Cope with their English and Fly Abroad’. Our school curriculum is unable to teach us the language properly, at least, to the standard you require while studying or working in an English speaking country. That’s why, while migrating to these countries – for education or profession – you need to go through English language tests.

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is one such English Language Test that is easy, convenient, secure and is globally accepted by institutions and corporations. PTE Academic is accepted by all the universities in Australia, New Zeland and Ireland. While 96% of the UK Universities recognise the score of PTE Academic, the number is steadily growing in USA, Canada and rest of Europe. At present Universities of more than 50 countries are accepting PTE Academic course as a valid proof of the candidate’s English proficiency. Stanford University, Harvard University, Imperial College of London, Australian National University, University of Leeds, University of York, Cornell University are only a few of the thousands of world-class universities that have accepted PTE Academic results.

The FFF Factor:

The biggest advantage of PTE Academic is the FFF Factor.

It’s Fast, It’s Flexible & It’s Fair

PTE Academic can be scheduled on any day – as per your convenience because it is available for all 365 days in a year (other tests are conducted for only about 50 days in a year and sees high demand) and you can schedule up to twenty-four hours of your desired date – trust me no other English Test give this much flexibility (others ask for a scheduling at least a week prior to the date of examination) . The test is designed in a way that in a single three-hour slot you can complete the test and you don’t have to schedule a different date for any part of your test. Another big advantage of this test is that it does not ask to spend too many sleepless nights – within 5 business days, your results will be ready (other tests take at least 10 days). You don’t have to worry about the fairness in marking – may be all your life you have faced a problem but here you are scrutinised by a set of computers who is totally unbiased to the height, weight, skin colour, gender or ethnicity of the examinee. Its an English Language Test and only your English proficiency will be tested. The marking will be precisely accurate its validity is ensured by palm-vein scanning, data forensics and randomised test forms. While other tests involve a lot of human intervention in interview and scoring, PTE Academic is 100% computerised – both the testing and marking. This surely makes PTE Academic the most desired English Test among many – #DefinitelyPTE.


Now, Let’s come to the details of the Examination.

Unlike other major tests which are broken into four segments, PTE Academic has three segments – Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening where the examinee gets a minute to introduce himself/herself. The first part is Speaking & Writing which takes about one and half hour. Upon completion of this, the reading test starts and it takes 40 minutes. The candidate has the option of taking a 10 minutes break before the listening test starts which takes another hour.


PTE Offers a wide range of marks – 10-90 and the marking is divided not only into the four major segments of the test (Speaking, writing, reading & Listening) but also into other enabling skills such as Grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse. These additional markings are made from the performance in all three parts of the test and these do not relate to the overall score. The Overall Score is a total marking based on the overall performance throughout the test. The score remains valid for two years and the examinee gets enough time to plan & finalise his admission as well as migration procedure. The test is not only a fair deal with you but also with the one you send the results

How to Book a PTE Academic Test?

There are more than 200 test centres in over 50 countries across the world where one can book a test. Almost all the states of USA has test centres for PTE Academic while India has as many as 25 centres. Most of the countries in Europe, South Asia, Middle East, South America has PTE Test Centres open throughout the year.

PTE Academic test can be booked by a phone or online and both the process are completely hassle-free. Giving a call to the PTE Administrators of the region or simply logging in to their test booking page, a test can be booked. The candidates have to register themselves with the correct information about Name, Email, DoB, Citizenship, Country of Birth & Debit/ Credit Card. After a successful registration, they may schedule a test.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Pearson and their test setters have created a library of study & preparation material that helps the aspirants to understand various aspects of the test. The Free Preparation Materials are the basic toolkit that helps a candidate understand the test and FAQs and also let them access a bunch of sample test papers. The Preparation Books give the candidates more than 200 sample questions, sample answers and expert tips. The Practice Tests Plus material allows the candidates to prepare for the test from a set of question paper along with tricks and strategies to handle every problem during the exam. Many private language schools offer courses for preparation and guidance for the PTE Academic. Purchasing the online preparation packs are highly recommended. These have fully marked test sheets that allow the candidates understand what they need to deliver and understand when they are fully ready.


Prepare yourself the D-Day:

Like all other exams, the result will be a factor of the candidate’s performance on that particular day – the day of the exam. So. the mental preparation for all unforthcoming is essentials. A cool and composed candidate always do better than others and for that, every necessary thing needs to be carried to avoid an emergency. Candidates must be carrying a valid photo identity card (passport is advisable) and be prepared to stand for digital photography, signature and palm scanning.

Many successful candidates have praised the design of the PTE Academic and recommend others – #definitelyPTE. Take the example of Wang Yequi from China who felt uncomfortable in front of a foreigner speaking in fluent English but was comfortable in front of a machine because he knew, anxiety will not become a factor while marking him – #definitelyPTE.


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