Two Joyful days in Jaipur #2 – The City – Guest Post

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2 Joyful Days in Jaipur City – My Experience with Forts and Local Food

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The view of the city from the top of Nahargarh Fort was good enough to keep to motivated for the next day. It was a breathtaking areal view of the city and it is very rare to get such a view of any city. I started from where I ended yesterday – Hawa Mahal.


The first surprise to me was knowing that the trademark facade of Hawa Mahal – that has been pictured the most- is in fact not the front side of the palace. It is the back of the palace and this facade full of windows was created for the royal ladies to observe social gatherings and processions from the windows without being seen by the crowd…

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One thought on “Two Joyful days in Jaipur #2 – The City – Guest Post

  1. WhyToStop says:

    Amazing post… I did my graduation from jaipur and I just love that place… I really miss those years of my life in jaipur… thanks for this post… enjoyed reading it..😊👌

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