Sunshine Blogger Award – To start a New Year

I was greeted with a lovely news - of another blogger award - on the first morning of the New Year. For any blogger, an award is a big delight - this is an indication that his works are getting noticed by people and are being loved by some. While my first award (Mystery Blog Award) … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award – To start a New Year


Unique Blogger Award – It continues

As I said, awards have been pouring on me. After the Liebster Award, its time for the Unique Blogger Award. Almost four months of blogging made me come across a lot of fantastic pieces of articles. Some writers have an amazing talent which keeps their readers glued to their posts. One such blogger is Severus … Continue reading Unique Blogger Award – It continues

Liebster Award – One more for Me

Soon after the monsoon started to recede southwards and the cold air from the Himalaya started reaching our plains, awards started to pour on me. The first was from Chandrima, whose blog Travel Stories Untold (She Tells the stories, don't worry) is one of my favourites. Her work is so fascinating that I have taken … Continue reading Liebster Award – One more for Me

The Mystery Blog Award – first for me

First of All, I should express my heartiest congratulations to Ravi Siddula for being nominated for such a prestigious award. Ravi, you should also accept my heartiest gratitude for nominating me. It’s extremely special for me because this is the first time I have been nominated for a ‘blogger award’. I take this opportunity to … Continue reading The Mystery Blog Award – first for me