Darjeeling Diary – The Birth of Toy Train

Though Darjeeling had become a sprawling city with the Nineteenth Century moving towards its second half, reaching there was a big problem. The steep slope of the road that connected the plains with the hill city was the main reason for the problems. The journey from Kolkata, the capital of the country was to take … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – The Birth of Toy Train

25 Times Bollywood went to the Queen of Hills

(Read The History of the Hill City of Darjeeling) It will be a tough task to find an Indian who has not seen the 'Mere Sapno Ki Rani' song featuring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. The iconic song is still a super hit even after half a century of its release. It is not only … Continue reading 25 Times Bollywood went to the Queen of Hills

Darjeeling Diary – How it started

Darjeeling, in Tibetan, means the 'land of Thunders'. 'Dorje' means thunder and 'ling' means a place or a land. However, another school of thoughts believe the name has originated from the 'Thunderbolt Spectre' or 'Bajra' of the Hindu god Indra. Whatever be the reason the name is related to thunders and there must have been … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – How it started

Darjeeling Diary – The Mahakal Mandir

The visit to the Tea Garden and Factory was a big enlightenment for a tea lover like me and I decided to spend the rest of the day roaming around the Mall and a visiting the Mahakal Temple. The hill that rises on the North of the Chowrasta Mall is called the Observatory Hill. One … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – The Mahakal Mandir

Darjeeling Diary – The Happy Valley

                                                   It was the super breakfast at Glenary's that started my day. As I walked along the morning Nehru Road to the Mall, the flags of the Nations participating in the … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – The Happy Valley

Darjeeling Diary – Morning Sun & the Cup of Tea

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   The night was peaceful until a loud sound woke me up. It was like somebody knocking a door with painful urgency. It was the rains. I had only short meetings with the monsoon of Darjeeling despite being well into the season but now it seems she has come with … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – Morning Sun & the Cup of Tea

Darjeeling Diary – Dinner at the Glenary’s

The Nehru Road, by then was far from its vibrant, glittery appearance. Half the shops were closed and the rest were wrapping up for the day. Both the sides of the road is lined with shops which sell woollens, winterwear, curios, gift items but for then, it was only the signboards smiling at me. The … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – Dinner at the Glenary’s

Darjeeling Diary – The Chowrasta

(Read the Previous Part of the Journey) If you ask me what I like most about Darjeeling and sincerely miss in Kolkata - I have a single word answer to it - Its the Mall. The Chowrasta of Darjeeling is most probably the best example of how the centre of the city should be treated. … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – The Chowrasta

Darjeeling Diary – The Glorious Railway

(Read the Previous Part of the Journey) There were only 3 compartments headed by a diesel engine in the small train. The first & the last one was regular non-AC coaches and the middle one was air conditioned. When I entered my designated coach F1, there two more families already occupying the first few rows […]

Darjeeling Diary – The Beginning

Sitting peacefully in the middle of the Himalayas of West Bengal is the Queen of Hills. The land of Thunders, as its name suggests in the Tibetan Language is one of the most beautiful hill towns of the country. Darjeeling is much more than just a hill station - it is a feeling, a pride … Continue reading Darjeeling Diary – The Beginning