Travel Essentials for a Solo Weekender in India

So far my solo travelling is concerned, the best period was when I was doing my post graduation in Delhi and almost once and sometimes twice a month, I was travelling solo. Apart from Delhi - which I travelled on Sundays and holidays, the entire Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand & a large part of Uttar Pradesh … Continue reading Travel Essentials for a Solo Weekender in India


Shimla- Kullu- Manali Tour Plan

Manali was our last destination and we returned back to Shimla. Most travellers opt for going directly to Kalka or Chandigarh but we were concerned about long journeys with the baby so we decided to go back to Shimla. Let me summarise the complete itinerary we followed: Day 1: Kolkata -Delhi---(Read) Day 2: Delhi - … Continue reading Shimla- Kullu- Manali Tour Plan

Travel Guide – Manali

You wonder how the religions are connected? You will understand if you know the origin of the word - 'Manali'. It has come from two Sanskrit words - 'Manu' & 'Alaya' - the city was the home of 'Manu' - the wise sage and the 'first man' who recreated humanity on the earth after the … Continue reading Travel Guide – Manali

Travel Guide- Shimla

Every Indian should at least once set foot in the hills of Shimla - it is one of the most important cities of the modern India. Shimla for almost a century before the independence of the country was the summer capital - and as you can understand, in a country where 8 months is summer, … Continue reading Travel Guide- Shimla

Travel Tips – When you are travelling with an One-Year-Old baby in India

The mighty Himalaya called me again. There is no better feeling than enjoying the dense greens on the tough terrains, moving along the dangerous curves of the narrow roads cut through the mountains, the hide and seek game of clouds. Himalaya has always been a dramatic adventure for me. The last time I stepped on … Continue reading Travel Tips – When you are travelling with an One-Year-Old baby in India