Weekly Photo Challenge

A bright Face in the Crowd of Indian Supporters Cheering for their Football Team. This certainly caught eyes with its Tricolour paint.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Sweet

This week, my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge is a photograph of Caramel Custard with a Vanilla Topping - one of my favourite sweet dish.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

This week's challenge has prompted us to showcase something from our own place. For more than a decade, stay at Kolkata, India though I am actually born and brought up in a small town nearby. I have been almost all corners of the country but couldn't find a better place than this. It is the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

This week's topic for Weekly Photo Challenge is 'Beloved' - We all have some people, things, ideas, sentiments which are beloved to us and we keep those close to our hearts. I would like to share a picture of two lovers (Beloved to each other) walking on the sands of Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

Kinsta The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge's this week's theme is weathered. My entry of the challenge is a wooden seesaw, I found near the Qutub Complex. Get upto 3000 Ebooks with complete resell rights. The suffering under nature have taken a huge toll on it - the wooden plank on one side of the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

The Year comes to an end - The last edition of Weekly Photo Challenge for the year has come and they have chosen such a lovely topic to end the year. This is more like a winning goal in the added time. Everybody is free to post their favourites and most meaningful photo and I … Continue reading Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

What does ASCEND mean? To rise? to climb? Yes. Ascend is the journey of rising. It does not matter if you could rise above all. Ascend is your own journey against your own odds. When a baby is born it does not know what difficulties will come to him - yet it starts its journey … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

A Cheeky topic indeed. This week's topic for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is certainly going to bring a lot of funny moments alive. I chose three photos. The first one was taken at the Jama Masjid Delhi - two sisters greeting each other with a cute smile on their faces. The next one … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

Weekly Photo Challenge – Serene

This week's Photo Challenge by The Daily Post is themed after Serene. Serenity, I am sure, have changed its dimensions lately. Within the hustles & bustles of the noisy urban life, our mind has started finding serenity in some unusual places - some find it in bathrooms, some in a theatre - Yes! that was … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Serene

Weekly Photo Challenge – Transformation

Another extremely challenging topic by The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Transformation is a part of nature and every natural thing slowly transforms into something else. The kid grows to be old, the flowers transform to become fruits, the caterpillar transforms into a shining Butterfly. But I would like to present a very unusual transformation - … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Transformation

Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

The most exciting thing about this challenge is that shows how a single word can bring out the whole story behind a photograph. This week's prompt - Experimental had really put me in a fix. I really wanted to present a few photographs with which I did experiments. In the end, I decided to upload photographs … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental