I don’t remember. Truly. I have absolutely no memory of my first trip. The only clue – a photograph in our family album where a little me is seating on the lap of his father – is a proof that I was there. It was Shimla and I was 2 then. It all started then – all thanks to ‘Baba’ 

His ‘wandering soul’ has been so influential to me that I cannot keep myself static for much longer. The way ‘Baba’ used to visit each and every place of importance – the way he used to take photographs to keep the memory and the way he used to write down everything in details – including date and time – I learned that all. I am not as good as him but I try. ‘Baba’ never blogged – he is not planning either – but had he done – he would have been the best. 

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My journey started long back – more than a decade ago. I was lucky enough to have studied Architecture – a study which teaches you to look things differently. Baba’s gene acted here also. My course demanded and my soul demanded – A solo backpacker was born – I travelled across the country – to the corners of it. With that, I started enjoying foods of different regions – and had this new hobby in me – tasting & cooking different food.

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This Blog is all about – places, tastes & pictures. Its pages are filled with my first-hand experience in travelling, cooking and glimpses of the places. 




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