The Scar in the Face of the City

The Urban Canvas of the 'City of Joy' has more colour than any other. The city is the first to successfully install a Metro Rail (that too underground, like Tube rail of London) 30 years ago. Kolkata is now moving towards introducing automated fare collection system based on smart cards across all public transport modes.... Continue Reading →


KARMA-sutra # 1

You push someone to the edge, I shall Push you down the cliff. -   KARMA  

Relationship Quotes – #1

You Two, Oh my Dear, Don't become two sides of a coin who always stay together never to face each other.

Random Thoughts – Freedom

YES! A man is free when he has right to say NO.

Relationship Quotes – #3

'EGO' kills more men than bullets do.

Relationship Quotes -#4

Does my SILENCE send you CRAZY? My Dear, Losing the argument is easier than Losing YOU...

Forex Lies You Should Never Believe

If you are on the currency exchange market and want to make a big punch you must be following a lot of reviews, trends, projections, and expertly advises. To your surprise, most of what you were reading so far is all lies. It will not be unfair to say that the entire forex trade market... Continue Reading →

Relationship Quotes – #2

Girl! Why shall he change now? Didn't you LOVE him as he was?

Red Costa – Tribal Delight at your Dining Room

One Sunday morning a menu card arrived along with the newspaper. Casually going through that my eyes stopped in a section - 'Tribal Taste', which had tribal delicacies from Kerala, Orissa, Mangalore, Mizoram. Since my college days, I had friends from all over the country and heard a lot about their local cuisines but could... Continue Reading →

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