Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

The Year comes to an end – The last edition of Weekly Photo Challenge for the year has come and they have chosen such a lovely topic to end the year. This is more like a winning goal in the added time. Everybody is free to post their favourites and most meaningful photo and I am sure the collage that is going to be created will be the most colourful one.

To me, the year has been extremely memorable and that makes it really difficult to select the most meaningful. I could remember so many things that happened over the last fifty weeks but I must admit the best of those is our trip to the Himachal.

Free Search Engine SubmissionAny trip is exciting but this was special because it was the first ever trip for my Son – a year old then. The energy and enthusiasm he showed during the trip is something that made me really proud of him. The trip demanded him long travels by air, rail, taxi, bus and he enjoyed every bit of it. The cold of Shimla or Manali or the height of Rohtang where adults sometimes feel lack of oxygen could not slow him down.

I share this photo of the Traveler in Bloom who has made me so proud.



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